Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lonavala Chikki

I had first tasted the Lonavala chikki on Dadar Express to Bombay. We were spending part of our summer vacation with two of our uncles who were living in Bombay. That was when we were introduced to Mumbai's magical street food like the pani puri, pav bhaji, vada pav etc.
On our return journey we purchased these chikkis and enjoyed them.
I have Mallika Badrinath's recipe for various chikkis. Browsing the internet I found some recipes too.
This is my next entry to EC's WYF Speciality Food event.

Chikkis are prepared with any type of nuts, sesame seeds and a mix of different nuts.There are more options too. On a recent trip to Shirdi, I tasted coconut chikkis and sago chikkis too from a highway motel's shop.
I have combined cashew nuts and almonds in this recipe. Have used yellow sugar which is not as refined as white sugar to bring out the brown colour. I found this pack of Hulett's yellow sugar - tartarazine free. Since it is not refined the essence and flavours of the cane are retained bringing out richer colour in baking. I simply tried using it here and the colour was browner than usual with an extra shine!
1 and 1/2 cups mixed nuts, broken coarsely
1 cup yellow sugar (refined sugar is usually used)
1 pinch of bi carbonate of soda
2 table spoons ghee
Smear a heavy, shallow bottomed pan with some ghee and sprinkle the sugar over it. This makes the caramalising even.
Before putting this on fire, prepare the wooden board and the rolling pin. Grease them generously with ghee.
Place the pan on fire on a medium flame allow the sugar to melt and caramelise. When the sugar melts add the bicarbonate of soda.
Take care not to over burn the sugar. This may make the sugar bitter.
As the sugar reaches a golden brown colour switch the fire off. Drop the nuts and quickly give a brisk stir.
Immediately transfer the contents on to the greased board and press down with the rolling pin.
Allow to cool a bit and cut shape while still warm.
Once cooled fully, break the cut chikkis and store them.


  1. chikki is my favourite...I can munch on them anytime. They have turned out so perfect Lataji.

  2. This is new recipe for chikki and its really interesting.
    Chikkis have come out well.

  3. Wow.. this is yummy.. I love chikki.. We used to coarsely powder the nuts and make chikkis. :)

  4. y alltime favourite is chikkis and that too Lonavala chikki....I love it. Jollu

  5. My hubby loves it.Can we add brown or white sugar?

  6. Love this...thanks a lot for participating

  7. Absolutely mouthwatering, your potato salad is also awesome and very beautifully presented.

  8. Chikkis are my favorite, but ever since I bit into one of those in a rush and hurt my gums, my Mom has been avoiding sending these to me ;-)

  9. yum crispy chillis with nice pictures.

  10. I never tried chikki the mixed nuts is great!

  11. love the chikkis, I can munch them all day long, I always hide it from my hubby!!, he loves groundnuts in any form!!, good one lata.

  12. Hi Latha

    This looks gr8.. but wondering wats a rolling pin??


  13. @ Ramya, it is our belan, chapaththi kuzhavi.

  14. hey Lathaji,
    This chikki is one of my fav. pick ups during travels, u've made them at home wow! looks cool!

  15. Hi Latha,

    It was pure happenstance that I found your blog in response to a google search for a "lonavala chikki" recipe. I have a few questions regarding your recipe-
    1. Do the nuts have to be roasted mildly or microwaved for a minute prior to dropping into carmelized sugar?
    2. What is the yield for your recipe? I need to make 50 pieces, do I have to double your recipe. What is the typical size of your pieces?


  16. @ Sita, Thank you. I had made it measuring in a 180ml cup. I did not roast the nuts, but my recipe book suggests that for cashew nuts and almonds, if you blanche them soaking in warm water. With sago pearls, most certainly roast with little ghee until they puff, for sesame seeds, dry roast until they pop.
    I had about 30 tiny chikkis 1/2" squares and few uneven ones as I did not roll them perfectly. They were as thick as the kadalai mittai we buy in stores. If you pound the nuts finer, you might make the chikkis thinner.
    I am sorry not being able to suggest to you to double or how to increase for exact 50 pieces.
    I hope you are able to try and enjoy. The caramelising is the entire trick of this recipe. Otherwise it is very simple.

  17. Lataji.

    How long sugar needs to caramelise, I read in peanut-britlle recipe it needs to be hard rock stage , is it correct, how long it will take to caramelise, . I like to try this recipe.

  18. @Swathi, not for the chikkis. Mallika Badrinath suggests that first timers spread the ghee on the kadai evenly and sprinkle the sugar all over for easy and even caramelisation. The sugar has to just turn light brown, does not take very long. Keep the fire medium low and in about 7 minutes it becomes golden and a further minute or two, light brown. switch the heat off, add the nuts and stir briskly in that heat of the kadai itself. The chikki will feel sticky initially bur as it cools down it will be the correct texture.


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