Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Happy Day Salad

I love trying combinations for salads. For long I wanted to add beets and radishes, but did not dare to. Radish has this sharp and pungent taste and am sure my husband will happily pass on it. Beets might discolour the whole salad, I had concluded.

On my last visit to the vegetable market, I picked up all these very fresh beets, carrots and radishes. Yesterday I braved myself to make a salad, come what may, if looks fail the salad will be good I told myself.

I had sprouts also. Just by adding a dip made of yoghurt and mints, the salad was a hit. On a whim I spread it as in the picture and was pleased with the results.

What I used:
1 carrot cut in rings and middle portion scooped out
2 white radishes sliced in rings
1/2 of a beet sliced in thin strips
4 tablespoons mixed sprouts
few fresh coriander leaves

What I did with them:
Put each of the vegetables separately in boiling water to which a pinch of salt, thinly sliced ginger strips and turmeric powder is added.
Drain and allow to cool. Boil the sprouts if you want them cooked. ( I have used them raw.)
(The drained water was later added to the process of making dosa batter.)
Fill the salad plate as you like. I filled the carrot cavities with the sprouts, and placed tiny bits of beets on the radish rings.
Serve with a dip of thick hung yoghurt mixed with ground mint leaves and salt.
This salad is off to Lisa's No Croutons Required event showcasing Root Vegetables this month.


  1. Design design-aa alankaram nanna irukku

  2. Excellent presentation....
    looks so colourful and delicious..

  3. Awesome and excellent presentation . Love the lovely colour of your salad.

  4. wow look at have shown your artistic talent in this eh? :) Superb! Very nicely presented..Sometimes I like eating food just coz it 'looks' good, So me kind of person, I will finish that salad in minutes...

  5. A wonderful decorative salad with artistic touches, and a beautiful picture.Lovely Lata!

  6. so many raddish recipes nowadays in the blogsphere...lovely presentation..very beautiful and healthy of course..

  7. Decoration kalakureenga !!!!! nice simple & healthy recipe

  8. Lovely presentation...superaa irruku!!

  9. Lovely decoration...who will not want this yummy salad...very nice..

  10. Romba romba romba romba nanna irukku Lata ji... kudos to your patience levels :-). Plus it is a healthy one too..

  11. I came back to your post because the decoration is just mind blowing and the color combination is awesome... now I need to look for a saree/salwar that closely matches this color combo and pattern :-)

  12. Wow.. lata what a presentation.. looks tempting and delicious dear!

  13. Lathaji what beautiful master piece :) its a treat for the eyes and stomach as well :)

  14. What a delightful pattern you have done. The carrot and beetroot sticks on the white plate looks like a design imprinted on it. Good job. Ivalo azhakka irukkarathe paatha,sappitta desin kalanjudime thonnum.

  15. The pics look so wonderful. The colors against the white plate, My God, Mindblowing. Great Treat for eyes and also mmm!!!! for tummy!!!!

  16. What a beautiful salad! I adore all of the colors and the way you presented it. I am intimidated by beets as well but you are making me rethink my irrational fear!

  17. Thank you girls! Have been lazing around after this post. will come back soon, hopefully nice:)

  18. Wow! The presentation itself is a treat..amazing lataji, the color just pops out!


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